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Michael Dougherty - CEO, Cloud9 Consulting, Inc.

I would like to personally thank Ned and SH Web Design. I am thrilled with the website he produced. Through the process Ned and I collaborated effortlessly, he is very responsive. I had several requests and was amazed at how quickly and efficiently my hopes were met. I love the communication, action and professionalism I experienced. I have complete confidence in Ned and SH Web Design. I know if I need anything in the future I can rely on a quick resolution. Thank you again for the wonderful experience and website!

Dave Moore, CEO - MegaCom

Thanks for your patience and resourcefulness. As you know my company is a startup with a very limited budget. Also, being relatively new to Web Hosting and Design we weren't sure just where to start. Fortunately for us you were recommended by one of your large clients Telarus whom we have had a long relationship. We did have conversations with a few other Design and Hosting companies, however, we felt that you understood and related best to our needs and objectives. One of the things that really impressed us was your responsiveness to the many questions that we had . To sum it up you made us feel very comfortable!! No doubt we made the right decision. Thanks

Patrick Oborn, CIO - Telarus, Inc.

SH Web Design is a company that worked with me to create the PLUS web sites. From the time I requested the work from the time they delivered the finished draft, complete with multiple splash images, color schemes, and layouts, was two weeks. One of the reasons that the job was completed in such a timely fashion was due to their excellent communication with me. Every step of the way they asked me if they were 'headed in the right direction' with the design and that contact feedback loop allowed them the freedom to push the design forward. When you save a design firm time, you save yourself money on the final bill. As a result of thier excellent communication, there were very few elements of the design that had to be redone or thrown away - which made a huge difference on my invoice.

Scott Cawlfield, President - Logos Computer Solutions, Inc.

SH web Design has helped Logos improve its web pages and internet image from mediocre to clean and professional. Their designers have a great eye for colors, blending and detail. They also helped us with some marketing materials and did a great job on them as well. I will continue to use their services in web design and graphics and would recommend him to anyone in need of these services.

Lessley C. Wright - Read On

Read On extends our warm gratitude to SH Web Design that generously donated his time, expertise and creative energy to Read On -- a parent-driven non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about the needs of students struggling with reading. The website he created for Read On,, has been crucial in our efforts to raise awareness about the huge number of students who have significant difficulties learning to read - about 30% of all children, nationwide, regardless of their socio-economic status. The Read On website offers parents and educators links to important research articles about how children learn to read and why some struggle. It also offers resource-links and critical information about how parents and teachers can provide effective intervention for children struggling with reading. Thanks to SH Web Design, Read On has helped change the lives of struggling readers in our local community of Seattle and beyond.

George J. Malvar, Chairman - The Malvar Group, LLC.

After nearly 30 years as a business owner, it's not very often that I am so profoundly impressed with an individual and their company that I get this enthusiastic about sharing my experiences so others may benefit from them. Mr. Ned H. Hamzic, the owner of SH Web Design and SH Web Hosting is one of these people! I learned of him through a number of individuals who had very high remarks about his design capabilities and his excellent grasp of what any online business needs to stand out among their competition. In working with Ned, I found a man who not only has incredible skills and talents, but I also learned quickly that he is a person with a keen sense for understanding my ideas and then visualizing them perfectly. His mastery of Web design makes him the best Iíve ever worked with and Iíll share what I believe to be two important reasons. First and foremost, he designs and lays out his sites in ways that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but very high-tech and filled with a unique combination of text and images that cause my visitors to browse much longer, thus resulting in a very pleasantly surprising increase in my websiteís traffic and sales. Last, but not least by any means, Nedís high-powered skills are so advanced that what he can do in one hour, would take two people three hours to do. This saves me time and money, but more importantly, his detailed handiwork eliminates the need for any changes or misunderstandings. Finally, Ned is a person who cares about what he does and for the people he works with. He poses that commitment to quality and prefection with ethic that is rare in today's business world. He is an amazing in more ways than what I can write here. I can say with confidence that I am in debt to him for the tremendous projects he has done for me, my companies, a number of my associates and even family members. We have all enjoyed working with Ned and, in doing so we have all learned wonderful lessons from Ned about the importance of kindness, commitment and customer satisfaction! If anyone would like to speak to me regarding Ned and more of his qualities, please feel free to call me anytime at 1-877-816-7843.

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