Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is a quickest way to drive immediate results by utilizing online marketing campaigns while waiting for your website to position in organic search. it offers a convenience of creating your own monthly budget for ads that can be geo-targeted, continually monitored and optimized. Our PPC and paid ads services are custom designed in order to achieve the maximum return of investment.

Features and Highlights

Retargeting Technology

There is a good chance you have already experienced re-targeting in some form upon researching a product or service on a popular website, and next thing you know you are getting notifications and pop-up ads on other websites that you visit, and on Facebook as you continue browsing. This is not a coincidence, but instead you are being re-targeted for these type of products which is an effective way to increase your conversions because your potential prospects are interested in it at that very moment.

Google PPC Management

We have unique experience and tools to produce, and analyze traffic reports in order to maximize the efficiency, with proven results in Google Pay Per Click management. Our methods allow you to control the cost of the ads and the PPC management free, and we drive the cost down by focusing on your organization's unique values, resulting in higher click-through and conversion rates.

Facebook Advertising

The best thing about the Facebook ads is an ability to reach the exact audience. We utilize the already the built-in Facebook like feature to precisely target only the individuals and groups who have already expressed the interest in the particular subject or product that your organization is offering, therefore maximizing your conversion rate. Highly targeted audience is the best feature im social media advertising.

Facebook also offers a way to build awareness around your target audience by utilizing media posts and allows your prospects to learn more about your offerings. Creating a buzz will lead to traffic increase which results in better sales. These methods work towards building trust and spark your prospect's interest before asking them to engage in direct communication which results in better quality leads and higher conversion rates.

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