Before You Begin

To improve your web presence, you will have to do some research work before starting the project and make sure to plan exactly what you are trying to accomplish with your website.

Things to Consider

The design process can be costly, so you should call several companies and compare their rates and portfolios and also talk to some of their references to see how they felt about the process, was everything smooth, did they complete the project on time, etc..Once you hire a designer, or a company for that matter, you should know that you play a very significant role in the whole project, because they don't know much about your business. Be very involved, and ask a lot of questions. Make sure that your designer knows exactly what you are trying to achieve with your site.

How Others See Your Website

While advertising can help you get many visitors to your website, the real challenge is getting those people to actually take action once they arrive there, otherwise you just waste money paying for the advertisement. According to some statistics, the average time before the visitor abandon the website is about 15 milliseconds!

Now, think of a website as a house - some are very nice and inviting, making you spend more time in there, while others can make you feel less comfortable just because maybe the color on the walls or choice of the furniture is not that good (it also tells a lot about the owner's personality). Which one would you rather visit more often and where would you spend more time?

Your website is very much like a house and will help you maximize the conversion rates of visitors, not only by combining skilled account management and unique knowledge base of what actually drives conversions, but also by carefully arranging the page layout, choosing the right colors and make your visitors feel great about spending time on your website and come back again!

Why Should Your Hire Us? will provide a full array of services that are necessary to have a website - from registering a domain name and creating a web hosting account, to making web pages, graphic artwork, implementing the database and programming scripts, adding pages of content and optimizing them for search engines so you don't need to use different providers for any of these elements.

Our development team have the unique knowledge, not only in web design and internet applications, but also in business and account management. We always keep exceptionally high standards implementing the latest technology and our websites are perfectly tuned, navigation is flawless, they look very attractive and they are simple and easy to maintain.

Creating a successful website is a result of a combined effort of both, web design company and the client. SH Web Design team will work with you throughout the entire development stage to make sure all aspects have been addressed. We take a lot of pride in our work and our goal is to build a long term relationship with out clients. We never consider the job completed unless both our client and our team are absolutely happy with the results.

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