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If you don't know what kind of website do you need for you or your organization, let us help you find out. Basically, there are many website types but they all can be grouped in following three categories. Please choose one of them:


Please Choose From the Following

Information Sites Those types are very similar to brochures. They are very simple in structure and provide information about you or your organization, but the viewer cannot leave, or download any information. Because of they are cost effective and easy to develop, these are the most commonly used types of websites today.
Interactive Sites In this type, viewer can not only view, but also request access to, or download information, software or images and leave comments. Other forms such as chat rooms and message boards are more complex in structure, but as the tecnology becomes more available and less expensive, these types of sites become more popular.
Trading or E-commerce Sites These are the online shopping sites. If you have produts and services that you want to sell online, you shold choose this category. They can be simple, or fully featured database driven sites with shopping cart and back-office management system that gives you a full control over the site contents and provide an extensive sales reporting system.