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SH Web Design is proud to be engaged in community activities that benefit kids and education. We want to help raise the awareness about the importance of education, music, art, reading, and improving the living conditions for the impoverished kids around the World. An organization that is involved in these activities may be eligible for free website and free web hosting account, or a special fundraising opportunity by SH Web Commerce, Inc..


Featured Article

Read On Extends Warm Gratitude To SH Web Design!

SH Web Design generously donated time, expertise and creative energy to Read On - a parent-driven non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about the needs of students struggling with reading. The website created for Read On,, has been crucial in our efforts to raise awareness about the huge number of students who have significant difficulties learning to read - about 30% of all children, nationwide, regardless of their socio-economic status. The Read On website offers parents and educators links to important research articles about how children learn to read and why some struggle. It also offers resource-links and critical information about how parents and teachers can provide effective intervention for children struggling with reading. Thanks to SH Web Design, Read On has helped change the lives of struggling readers in our local community of Seattle and beyond.

Lesley C. Wright, Read On

Special Offers For Non-Profit Organizations

Fundraising Opportunity

SH Web Design has partnered with Commission River, a premier telecom distributor to create a fundraising opportunity for non-profit organizations. We will setup a special website that features the latest offers from various brand name recognized telecom providers. By using the XML technology we can integrate these features into your existing website, where your members can shop for the products they would normally buy elsewhere. Any sales made through this website will pay money directly to your organization. You can choose to offer cellular, VoIP, high-speed internet, or local and long distance services by some of the best US providers such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Qwest and others, and your members can compare and choose the best deal which will in most cases be much better from the same one advertised on TV, or in the stores, simply because there is no high advertising cost involved.

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Free Web Design and Hosting

SH Web Design is committed to promote music education, art and reading, and helping to improve the living and health conditions for kids around the World, especially in the impoverished areas. If you are associated with a non-profit organization that benefits kids in any of these areas, it may be eligible for a free custom design website including the artwork and a full featured hosting for the life time of the account. We will also help you promote your website and get better search engine rankings.

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